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I suppose that would come under care needs and quality of life. It would still cover everything as it does now but I suppose what dans on about is streamlining it and making it harder to fool but easier to apply! Xx
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well it would certainly stop people applying that are at it. like screwing the system.
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So severe learning difficulties would possibly have the following dependent on the nature of the difficulty:

1)Points for diagnosis (In most cases)
2)Points for care needed (In most cases)
3)Points for quality of life (In some cases)
4)Points for medication (In some cases)

Therefore would have a BANDING closer towards the very top end.
So maybe give an award for 3-5 years before needing to reapply.

Here is another way to look at it.

For example myself i have been on crutches now since the summer and cannot walk easily and have been told i will need a hip replacement when i am older and will need some clean up operations as time progresses.
So for example if now they decide to give me a clean up operation in say 12 months then i maybe able to walk without pain and therefore it would make sense to review me in 12 months rather than 3 years.

So by doing it like this they then review people in a correct way.
For example when they write to the doctor there could be a straight forward question on there.

How long do you expect this condition to continue?

And obviously in some cases it never will like our Euan whereas in cases such as me it has a good chance of getting better once i have had relevant treatment.
The DLA at the moment dont seem to have a very accurate system there are wheelchair bound children who will be in it for life sometimes getting an award for 1 year and then need to reapply and therefore this puts more strain on the parents with completing the forms etc.

Maybe another idea would be to use the passport system and have all the medical notes attached to this so each review you got to and each appointment you go to the notes get added to your files which DLA could access when it comes to reviews and schools could access to ensure correct care is in place?
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