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Daniel for Prime Minister26, you talk more sense than any of them in there at the moment
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haha.....your inflating his ego!!! Big Grin (asif it wasn't already......lol) my nan always says he should go into politics and sometimes he says he should run locally, clean up the area. full of solutions is dan lol bless him, dunno where it gets it from!!

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what would be classed as borderline? at the moment it goes on the amount of care needed, should it go on diagnosis and medications? quality of life?

this year our doctor said they are changing the school system so that Children can get a place at special school without a diagnosis. or is borderline like my neighbour who has been trying to get her dd dx with autism even though she has no difficulties (as ive have watched her children for years now).
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Yes i think they need to have BANDS and with the bands go on a few things:

1)Points for diagnosis
2)Points for care needed
3)Points for quality of life
4)Points for medication

Total up the amount of points and decide what band the applicant should be placed within.
For example those with the most severe of disabilities would automatically get top banding with those at the lower end would get DLA but need to reapply sooner than those with the most severe of disabilities where there is no real chance of improvement.
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what if they had a severe learning disability

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