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Cheza dateline='' Wrote: Thanks for the reply.
Things just seem unnormal as such.
As i said the issues with the speech and language also worry me.

I think it will be a trip to the doctors to see if they can get an assement made.

What do the assements entail?

Your first port of call will be your G.P. where you can discuss your concerns. Tell him/her that you would like to be referred to your local Hospital, or Child Development Centre as you believe your child is presenting with Autism.

The process usually takes around a year, a long time I know but it's important that you get the correct diagnosis to give you access to the help you need. You will probably see a Play Therapist, Consultant Paediatrician who will oversee your son's case, reports from Nursery, and you will attend the Psychology department where they will ask questions and observe your son's behaviour. Everyone will have their own reports, and will come together to make a decision and, when made, you will receive a copy of your son's diagnosis.

Does your son receive help at Nursery via Early Years Support?

Hope this helps a little x
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my daughter had many assesments but not at a child development centre. i had many appointments with the doctor alone too and i must have had over 20 appointments in all just this year. she was also graded on DISCO and she ticked every single box. its really clear why she has the diagnosis whereas my son who is higher up on the spectrum (probably under HFA) wont ever get a dianosis. although i personally from a home point of view think my son is harder to manage at the moment.

my daughter is very aloof, she is non-verbal and has very limited expressive skills. she has no self care skills and needs all of her personal care monitored and done for her. she doesnt seem to process pain and its very dangerous to take your eyes off her as if she bangs her head she wont even cry out or touch the area. she is very in her own world and often plays with an imaginary friend - although she doesnt have the mental capacity to know what one is. thats always a wonder what she sees as she just stares off into space and starts laughing the way babies do when something is really funny (not in a creepy way though). shes just lovely and is called 'the fairy child' amongst nursery workers and doctors.

actually i didnt press for a diagnosis, i tried for my son really hard but settled for full time one to one which is what mattered most for him. everything happened like a whirwind (over a year but still feels like that compared to the 4 years of assesments for my son) and i would just be so quiet through the first meetings and assesments. i cant tell you how many of the specialist took to having a serious word with me because they didnt feel i was taking it in that i had a second child with autism. i understand why she has a diagnosis and my son doesnt, as they are so different but still both need as much care.
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As your son doesn't have a diagnosis, do you recieve DLA/Carers for him? and how did you go about getting the extra one to one help for him?

I can't imagine how the doctors expected you to react, perhaps they expected you to burst into tears or something, but if its as obvious as you say with your daughter I can imagine you were expecting it anyway!?

How are your children together?

Lucy x

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