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that comes under hamprshire county council doesnt it??? if not i'll look again Blush but from what i can see it does..... heres the number :

To request an assessment of a disabled child, to see what help Hampshire County Council may be able to provide, please ring 0845 603 5620 or email childrens.services@hants.gov.uk.

Also, if you look here Hampshire council disabilities team theres a few things available....but the number for a carers assessment / direct payments assessment is probably the best port of call!

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yes direct payments is different to carers allowance, carers allowance is paid to you for looking after your child for 35 or more hours a week whereas direct payments are to enable you to pay somebody to look after your child so you can have a break, this is usually given if respite (where the child goes to a unit or family overnight usually) is not suitable or you dont want overnight just someone to take your child out for a few hours so you can spend time with other siblings/ meet friends for coffee or whatever or they can even come into the home and you can go have a bath or a nap, anything that helps to make your life that little bit easier
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