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what an easter its been!

my family:
Matthew is 4 1/2 and has Albrights hereditary osteodystrophy, gdd, servere language delay and we are waiting for an autistic assesment and tests for adhd! Matthew has no speach at all.

Cameron is 16months and so far there have been no problems.

Matthew has had chicken pox so we are stuck at home, not that we go out much anyway because i cant control him and Cameron together, aparently we dont qualify for extra help, (except homestart for 2 hours a week)
Matthew has been very frustrated and biting his brother alot, Matthew loves being outside and just wants to be out there all the time, trouble is that means i have to be out there constantly too. i am finding it really difficult at the moment, there is so much going on in our lives,
we have just brought a house and it needs more work than we first thought so my husband Joni is there every spare hour in the day, also we were due to get matthews Mri scan results yeaterday but due to the chicken pox we had to cancel so now we have to wait till 19th may.
The albrights hereditary osteodystrophy was only diagnosed a few weeks ago and it only effects 3 in a million so no one seems to know anything about it including us.
to top off our problems the neighbours have been complaining to the council that matthew makes to much noise in the mornings (6.30) he jumps up and down on the bed and bangs the window sil, apparently this is affecting thier 14 yr old daughters school work (its got nothing to do with them being out till 2 in the morning!) They had a bbq the other day but didnt come and tell me so i could get my washing in (i spend my whole day trying to do washing and get it dryed) i know i shouldent let her get to me as we will be gone at the end of may but its difficult,

Cameron wont sleep at night and keeps us awake the doctors tell me there is nothing wrong with him and that we need to do controlled crying with him (he is still in our room cause we only have 2 bedrooms) trouble is if he wakes matthew up we wont get him back to sleep! the doctors answer to this was send matthew to a relative for a few days (like they would manage him!)

ok so thats all off my chest now feel abit better, im sure when play school starts up again things will get better Confused
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hugs we have chicken pox in house at minute, no one will help us out eitherSad
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Sounds tough!! Always good to let it out. We had the same problem with our youngest not sleeping was worried hed wake the others if we did controlled crying. Tbh, dan has managed tto get him to go to sleep in his cot from doing it but he still doesn't sleep so I end up with him in our bed just to get some rest n keep him quiet! Its tough . As for you neighbours how RUDE! But like u say you'll be gone soon so try not to let it get to you too much...maybe you can think of a pay back for when your leaving hehe mean I know Big Grin . Have you thought about respite? X
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Hi Lucy

Yeah we have thought about revenge lol! 9
we dont get restbite because we dont qualify apparently i dont know what the requirements are. its so hard,
Also wish Cameron would sleep in our bed sometimes but even that doesnt work he just crys constantly for hours,

cheers Becca
Big Grin
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I know it seems daft asking but there is a lot to be said for teatime then a quiet play, bath, warm milk and bed......... especially is you use lavendar bath bubbles and impregnate the pillows and mattress with lavendar oils (about 50p a bottle from cheapy shops like home bargains etc)
Very often an iregular routine allows families to forget bedtime or make bed an unwelcoming or stressful place/time and that is not having a go at anyone......... also some Children just explode at bedtimes but a fixed routing still makes a big difference Smile

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