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My son is 17 and we have worked hard to give ALL our children the same things as much as possible. Our son has done all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff which includes riding on a banana boat and steering a boat! ( Both with support...Big Grin)

Over the years, in our area, there have been lots of things available that have sunk due to lack of parental involvement, and things that have really struggled to get people to want to do it! As a result we got a great deal more for our son as we DID want it. For example, a local Mencap group got funding for a 8 to 16 years club with carers, it cost £3 to go towards the extra costs and parents moaned and stopped children from going as they wanted it for free. The funding didn't cover those that needed 1:1 cover or the items used ( footballs, etc and Art and craft stuff). Eventually the £3 was a suggested donation amount and surprise surprise very few bothered.
The local mencap group was made up of parents who eventually got fed up bailing out other parents and when their young people got older they left.
They now run clubs for 5 to 8 year olds, 8 to 16 and 16+ and 25+
and no matter how hard the group works to fund these and to obtain funding, parents only complain about what there ISN'T.

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