Poll: What date do members want for Alton Towers
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Tuesday 2nd June (Half term)
11.76% of votes
11.76% Complete
Wednesday 3rd June (Half term)
23.53% of votes
23.53% Complete
Monday 7th June (Not half term)
17.65% of votes
17.65% Complete
Friday 11th June (Not half term)
47.06% of votes
47.06% Complete

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Sorry have only just noticed this but had voted for the 11 th June as well Smile
In diary now and really looking forward to it and meeting you all.
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Yay! I voted for the 11th before reading the post! lol
Great day as my other two go to the childminders on a friday anyway Smile so no extra arrangments (other than them staying a bit longer than usual) and Noah can pull a sickie from school Blush
So exciting
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Great, a date arranged at last !!!
I think from the vote 11th is the date so arrangements can go ahead.
Looking forward to meeting everyone. xx
Pleeeease dont change it again now, cos I have just booked a camp site for us
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have put the 11th in diary an Darling husband applyed for it off ! x
xxxxx I am the happiest woman alive i have my perfect family xxxxx
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Ill speak with guest services tommorow as ive been out all day today Blush
What time are people thinking as a base line meeting time?
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