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Is it possible to apply for a disabled facilities grant when in a council house does anyone know?
Basically, my house is supposed to be getting adapted for my sons needs by the council, they are putting a ramp to the front door, an extension for a wetroom, a hoist from my sons bedroom to the wetroom, and widening doorways for his wheelchair. However they have refused to do anything about storage for all his equipment, and as a result, I've had to refuse delivery of some items, and leave others at his school that he would really benefit from being able to use at home as well.
I requested either that the area for the wetroom was made bigger, so it could be 2 rooms (his bedroom and wetroom so it would be like an en suite, figured it would make installing the hoist easier!), that would mean that we were able to use the dining room where he currently sleeps, as a storage room, or that our current outhouse which is part of the same building, be made damproof and able to be used as an extra room. They won't consider either of these options.
I know it sounds like I'm being greedy, but as the dining room is used as a downstairs bedroom for him, we have to use our small living room as a diner as well. He currently has his wheelchair, an all terrain buggy (wheelchair not always suitable as it doesn't recline enough if he's having an 'off' day and sleepy), a 'comfy' chair, a feeding chair with a tray, a bath chair (huge cumbersome thing!) a play gym (like a baby gym but bigger) as we're trying to get him to reach up and grab objects, exercise mat, and a couple of different sized physio rolls, amongst other things. I've had to send back his floor sitter chair which was intended to work his trunk control, as well as enabling him to play with his sisters on the floor, a physio wedge, and refuse an offer of a standing frame for home use as we're literally bursting at the seams here! His physios are also talking of a powered wheelchair in the future, its a few years off yet but I'm already panicking over where something that size would go!
I know I'm nowhere near as badly off as some people, but I'd love to have a little bit of floor space for his sisters items as well as feeling like my house resembles a hospital (or physio storeroom!)
Would it be possible to apply for the DFG do you think, even if its just enough to damproof and board out the outhouse?
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I live in a council house and got the ot working for childrens disability team at the local council to come and do an assesment for adaptations, ideally a downstairs bedroom and bathroom? my son is 3 years old and currently sleeping in a travel cot for his own safety!! this is too small for him both his head and feet are touching the ends.he was in a cot but kicked the panels at the ends so hard iam surprised it didnt break the bones in his legs and feet and wake up the whole street. alex has been assessed for a full sized cot bed with padding but there is no were to put it? i had a phone call yesterday my application had gone to panel and the results were not in my favour, they want me to put alex into the back bedroom (thats fine) move my 14yr old daughter whos in there at the moment into the box room to share with her 22yr old sister, in bunk beds!! the room currently has a small single bed and a chest of drawers in and wont fit anything else.
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i have just copied this from a previous thread (i not typing all this in lol)~ wondering if this will affect you in their decision lexie as i cant see how a child can be expected to sleep in same room as an adult when that room is so small so might be worth measureing the rooms and working it out against this, its not like you are asking them to move you

(10-22-2009, 08:49 AM)Daniel Wrote: If two people of the opposite sex have to sleep in the same room the accommodation will be overcrowded unless the two people are:

a married or cohabiting couple, or
at least one occupant is under ten years old.
The number of people of the same sex (unless they are a same-sex couple) who can sleep in one room is restricted by the size of the room (see below).

The amount of space in each room
Rooms that are counted include living rooms, bedrooms and large kitchens. For the space and floor area calculations:

children under one year old are ignored
children under ten years old and over one count as a half
rooms under 50 square feet are ignored.
As a general rule:

1 room = 2 people
2 rooms = 3 people
3 rooms = 5 people
4 rooms = 7.5 people
5 or more rooms = 2 people per room.
But the floor area of a room also determines how many people can sleep in it:

floor area 110 sq feet (10.2 sq metres approx) = 2 people
floor area 90 - 109 sq ft (8.4 - 10.2 sq m approx) = 1.5 people
floor area 70 - 89 sq ft (6.5 - 8.4 sq m approx) = 1 person
floor area 50 - 69 sq ft (4.6 - 6.5 sq m approx) = 0.5 people.

Have you also been in touch with Shelter?
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ta corinne will have to get the tape measure out later! and the man that can to help me suss this out? not spoke to shelter only just happend and was not the response i expected still in a bit of a daze. i know people used to sleep top to toe, they also used to have a wash in a tin bath but i though things had moved on a little? ha ha
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Many people are unaware of the sizes of rooms guidelines and believe me it works.
However the council do try and weasel out of it.
In our last property which was a private rent we had 3 rooms but the one room was simply not big enough for a cot on its own let alone anything else.
So i quoted these guidelines on the medical needs application and the council worker said it got 4 walls and a door so its a room and i said err NO and quoted case law to them and they soon changed there tune Smile
We so desperate to get out of there as it was a private rent with a landlord from hell even though we was a millionaire who didnt want to do anything and it was so expensive at £750 a month and we never had long term security which was a scary prospect as we knew Euan would need a transplant as he gets older so we wanted to settle.

Let me know where you stand in regards to the room sizes and ill offer you what advice i can.
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