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Is it a regular series?
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(04-08-2010, 09:53 AM)teddiescottage Wrote:
(04-07-2010, 08:15 PM)soady Wrote: new program coming on channel 4 monday 12th april looks interesting maybe worth a watch

hope you don't mind but i have to plug this show! It's fantastic. I've seen the first 2 episodes already. I should confess that I am Ben's mom!!
So maybe I'm a little biased but taking part in the process was lifechanging for Ben. I was concerned about how we would be portrayed but the show has been done really well. It features the journey the Children took with the Lyric theatre with little snippets of their personal lives thrown in. it's done sensitively with some very humourous scenes. If you have an interest in Autism it is well worth watching. the Children taking part represent the whole ASD spectrum, from the severely affected to the very high functioning.
Becky Kenyon

Can I just say you are not biased the show is amazing, Ben is an increable boy and can you pass onto him that he has really given me an insight into autism, my little boy is 15 months and has shown signs of autistm but can not be diagnosed yet, your little boy gives me hope and how amazing you are with him is teaching me, so a huge thanks
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well what an incredible show!! i had taped the last one and watched it lastnight, i thought it was brilliant! they all did so well, i bet as a parent to watch the end product was amazing. congrtulations to all the Children and parents you did a great job!! Smile i think everyone should watch it, it really oppened my eyes Blush to how broad the spectrum is! well done Big Grin


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