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I want to share with you the best ever shop and online service ever for disabled Children!!! It is http://www.togs4specialsprogs.com and Julia is the lady who owns it. She has a granddaughter who is disabled and one day, fed up of the extortionate prices charged by the bigger companies, she armed herself with her sewing machine and got to work!!

Her shop is wonderful, full of special custom made clothing and accessories, toys and sensory aids such as weighted blankets etc.

The special needs companies are giving her a lot of hassle because she is so reasonably priced and is undercutting them all!! She doesn't believe that special needs means unaffordable prices.

We have just bought a handful of catchees for £1.50 each, a sensory lap cushion for £3 and we have ordered a custom made cap with special padded ear flaps to muffle noise and help hypersensitivity to noise £5, and a custom made weighted blanket in material we chose for £45. The designs are based around your childs likes ie; Thomas's is lots of brightly coloured numbers on it as numbers are his obsession

I cannot rave about this woman enough, she has her mother help her out too, and they are a real family orientated bunch who really care about families with disabled children.
Keely x
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ooooh that looks good thanks for the link.

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It does look like a great site Smile
Looking for sensory toys at affordable prices then look no further

Sensory toys for children with special needs CLICK HERE
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Thanks for the link. I was given it a while ago but then the site went down.
Great to see it is back!
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Great link!

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