Poll: Which week best suits you
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Week 1-Tuesday 1st to Friday 4th
38.89% of votes
38.89% Complete
Week 2-Monday 7th to Friday 11th
16.67% of votes
16.67% Complete
Week 3-Monday 14th to Friday 18th
33.33% of votes
33.33% Complete
Week 4-Monday 21st to Friday 25th
11.11% of votes
11.11% Complete

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i think i already told you im away first 2 weeks in June, i would love to come but if it ends up being one of them 2 weeks then my tickets will have to go to somebody else
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Mum of matty,
Could you manage the very first few days in week 3 or could Sarah manage the very end of week 2?
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i dont get back till the 12th june so i couldnt
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Possibly the very beginning, shes due 22nd but obv baby could come early (her other 2 have both been 8 days early!)
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i am open too all these dates, so it may be best if i don't vote as i do not want to spoil someones day out

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