Poll: April 2010 Spotlight members who wins you decide?
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28.89% of votes
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Father Jack
20.00% of votes
20.00% Complete
Bec and Charlie
15.56% of votes
15.56% Complete
4.44% of votes
4.44% Complete
Sarah Ponari
4.44% of votes
4.44% Complete
Lexie Lamb
4.44% of votes
4.44% Complete
Jack and Chloes Mum
8.89% of votes
8.89% Complete
4.44% of votes
4.44% Complete
8.89% of votes
8.89% Complete

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(04-13-2010, 08:04 PM)corinne Wrote: lol i didnt mean the age of us hun i meant the age of the "Children" a lot on here are either at nursery or primary school. i have no problem with my age i wouldnt be young again if you paid me Big Grin much prefer me now lol

I'd be young again if I could have the knowledge that I have now....... definately swap this tired old corpse of mine for the fit squaddie I was in my early 20's Wink
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The spotlight is now up for reading:


And yes it will be the same questions for each member each month.

Can i ask that members dont start answering it themselves and posting it Smile
It will be on rotation for everybody Smile
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