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lol ive already put 3 stone on since he was born Sad Sad
not good i tell ya Sad
Heart my 2 boys so much
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Children do make us put on timber Big Grin
Gosh i was thin before my first came along!
Looking for sensory toys at affordable prices then look no further

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Can I blame my expanded girth on being a daddy as well? Smile
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Umm I'm a geek and tend to sit on facebook lol! Other than that I read, or do cross stitch. Thats quite a good one, as you can do pics that the Children like, and also make for good presents for people!
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I knit, it's relatively cheap can be easy as u like. my 2 love things they know I have made and can double up as gifts at crimbo!
Am also a brazen facebook addict.

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