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do any of u have any hobbies i dont have any and wen the boys r in bed i over analyze things n things go round n round in my head n drives me mad i need sumthing to take my mind of it??
Heart my 2 boys so much
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How about scrapbooking? It's easy to get into and it's a lovely way of keeping your photos.
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Both my daughter and I are animal mad, we have horses, dogs and cats so by the end of the day there's not enough energy to allow my mind to go round too much Smile
When she was little and in bed at 7pm I was bored stiff and used to redecorate, mend things,clean, iron, bake and even bought a home gym ............ it is hard to find something to fill time that you enjoy.
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i grab the felt tip pens and colouring book! very therapeutic they have to be brush pens and i only like the nice white paper books not the recycled ones, oh and i love spots! weird eh?
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I grab some cake Big Grin
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