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no said he would call me in next few days or just call round as i live on his way home lol
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I wouldnt have that............. sorry but calling round on his way home? I make people phone first or send me an appointment, I mean what social worker doesnt have a company mobile phone nowadays? then it's all proper and above board.
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that sounds more supportive than just giving a phone call though fatherjack, which is probably what they would normally do. its nice that a social worker spends the time to be friendly and approachable, can i nick him Becky Big Grin
good news about the direct payments, its can be quite quick once they agree to it
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I guess that's just my 'old git' personality showing through. I have professional relationships and personal ones, and no blurred lines Smile
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Happen to agree with Father Jack here.
But im not an old git Big Grin
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