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Finally got 5 mins to post, mainly because the Children are at their dads and I was up at 5am trying to catch up on life!!

I am a single parent of three great Children, Adam (12) and Mark and Lucy (10 - twins). Mark was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was born and then asperger syndrome when he was about 3. Although his cp is not severe, the restrictions it places on him does mean that he gets very frustrated, angry, upset, confused, distressed etc etc and the asd doesnt help! At times he is a sad little boy,and at times he is so full of joy I want to cry.

Being a parent of a child with a disability can be isolating but fortunately in Nottingham there is a lot of good stuff happening and forums like this help so much to make me and my family feel included in life.

H x
Mum of 3 from Nottingham
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hi Hells Bells,
glad you have managed to find time to introduce yourselves, its good that nottingham have support as its hard to get Big Grin we have the aiming high here in stoke matt going on a sailing day and a arts and crafts day next week with them,
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