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well since i had my dreams last week i havnt let charlie out of my sight and tonight he went blue while sleeping so called 999 and he was taken to hospital then while with the paramedics he went blue again Sad and now he isall floppy hes lost all head control and cant move at all n the docs diagnosis is reflux even tho his pead has said hes defo not got reflux?? do these locum doctors not read notes??
he is still very floppy now hes just doin nothing and the locum doctor said that he can take a bottle n solids perfectly fine as he can suck his fingers id like to see him try n feed him a bottle n solids well were bk home Smile
think im gunna call his pead in the mornin if hes still as floppy xx
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hiya big hugs to you its not easy when your little one is poorly i hope hes better soon definately call your peadeatrician in the morning and if you are still concerned during the night call the doc thats what they are there for take care
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hi, sorry you're having such a rough time, just wondered how you consultant diagnosed the fact that he definitely doesnt have reflux, did they do tests? i only ask because i could have written that exact same post about my own son a couple years ago, pretty much word for word. in the end he had to be admitted to ICU on a ventilator as he kept on having apnoeic episodes, at worst almost one on top of each other and was resuscitated more times than i can remember. at the time he showed no outward signs of reflux but a PH study combined with O2 and cO2 monitoring proved conclusively that it was reflux that was to blame. my little man has since had a fundoplication (reflux surgery) and has had i think only 2 apnoeic episodes in the 2 years since his surgery. he is still tube fed but his health has dramatically improved. his fundo has come undone and we're awaiting a date for another one now.
hope he is better soon, did they send you home the same night? im fairly sure its NHS policy to keep anyone believed to have suffered any episodes of Apnoea in for observation so id complain if so x
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oh no poor you and little charlieSad how is he today? did they do a ph study to rule reflux out i carnt ,did they do a ph study to rule it out?

am here on and off today if you wana chat!!
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aww i hope he getting better today, try keep strong xxxx

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