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you not the only one mrs horner i never had any of these things and when i first came here i spent a lot of time putting words in google to find out what they meant hehehe
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I don't think you're a bad mother Mrs Horner. What's really bad - and the fault here lies with the education authorities, not with parents - is that parents of children who are in need, are left in the dark about the services available to them and the processes involved.

Mrs Horner, if you contact your Local Authority, they will have a service called Parent Partnership. They might be of help to you but just be aware that they can lean in favour of the LEA when they're supposed to be impartial. You might be able to get some useful information from them but just keep an open mind and keep talking things through on here. My parent partnership tried to quieten me when I was up in arms about my son being moved down a set in English. I was going mad and they said 'perhaps he'll be better/happier in a lower set'. I ignored and continued to go mad and eventually was told the school had made an 'error' and he shouldn't have been moved down. If I had stayed quiet, they'd have gone ahead, so be aware.

It worries me just how many children are out there who aren't receiving the support they are entitled to merely because their parents are unaware that it's available. Thanks to sites like this, we can begin to redress the balance.
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Rather than just recomending parent partnership can i throw another name into the hat IPSEA

Ipsea are an independent organisation and fight for whats right and give truly great advice and support.
Parent partnership can vary from council to council and in some cases i think they offer bad advice Sad
Im not a huge fan of parent partnership and the organisation thats meant to help you fight the state funded education system is run and funded by the state funded educational authority...
You couldnt really make it up Smile
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