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well personally hun i would take the opinion of the experts on here over someone who has no idea what she is talking about Big Grin
hope you are feeling a bit better
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wow thanx guys 4 all ur kind messages of support and advice im still VERY UPSET but now im startin 2 feel VERY ANGRY ive gathered all the names and numbers that i need 2 contact 2 complain about the play thearpist. i dont know if she has children i hope she dont if thats her attitude towards other mums. i didnt sleep at all last nite as i was so upset and was practically convincin myself she was right then wen my son got up this mornin and said ''mummy i love u so much ur the best mum eva'' i knew then it wasnt my fault and im going fight this all the way. im contactin my sons psychologist on monday and having my say.

pnd is so very hard 2 get over and it took me nearly 3yrs 2 as i had it really bad, i really cant c why its my fault our son kicks off at school round peoples homes and out shoppin hes neva violent 2wards his dad but he will kick off 4 him so it cant b me and wen he kicks off at school im no where near him so how can that b my fault as well.

i didnt think my post would cause such a reaction but its so comfortin 2 know how much support i have out there i really appreciate every message of support through this very upsettin and difficult time i will keep u all updated on our progress hope u all r ok xxx
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a text book play therapyst said that...oh pleeeessseee!!!
trust your own instincts you know your child better than any therapyst...the thing is some of the so called professionals become so clinical...i was told that my daughter sam would be nothing more than a pretty doll to dress up and i woulld have a hard life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i walked out of there more determined than ever...from that point i strode forward with head held high and though what a load of tosh...my daughyer is a fully functioning human being. so dont take it to heart too much...
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OMG Mrs Horner Im so sorry she said that to you that is desperate, I feel so angry for you. Im glad you are reporting her, hold on to your anger its a great tool for getting things done, for me anyway. Good luck and hugs
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That is shocking that they would say such a thing

ive had a pead suggest things were down to me not in so many words, like you i had PND and i admit it was to point i wouldnt even go near my children as i felt such a useless mum but after speaking with last pead she asked about my pnd and even said the way my son was probably made me worse it wasnt my fault (he wouldnt make eye contact want me near etc)

salt blames me for behavior

its silly the things they come out with
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