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Hi, I've applied for the DLA forms and already getting stressed out! I've been told by a few health professionals to apply and a couple thought i was already getting it! but i feel a bit cheeky as my hubby earns enough to support us luckily, although he says it'll getting some of our tax back hehehe, so if we are entitled to it we will put it in a bank for her in case she might need it in the future, although i have given up work now (after 17yrs:0() to care for her and go to constant appointments and some at speicalist hospitals! as my dd has a couple of chronic condition's, and problems arising from these! she has chronic kidney disease, she has only got 1 working kidney and that is different and her recent uti she was hospitalised! also she has got 3 enlarged brain ventricles (too much fluid) which has caused failure to thrive she doesn't feed well so she's underweight! and also her development is delayed she's 15 months and still can't sit unaided, but what can i put on my form as she's still like a baby and the norm for me, and will sound easier than a full of beans toddler running about! (i can't wait) shall i just put about still needing support, sitting,feeding,getting up and changing feeding in the night etc, can anyone advise me on what else to put, also i've read a couple of case's where a son had to have his legs amputated and was refused!!!!!!!! do they refuse everyone's 1st form?? why can't they just go on the diagnosis! sorry i've never filled out like this before so any advice will be appreciated :0)[/font]
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Hi when i filled out the Dla form for both of my girls who have Cerebral palsy, my physio helped me out. I had to make my 3 year old sound incapable of doing anything she can but not properly and you will find that you are constantly repeating yourself throughout the form!
But if you have a health professional who will help then ask them.
My youngest daughter is 2 and a half and cant sit unaided!
They basically compare the child to another child of the same age and if your's needs more help etc then they will award you!
Then if you are sucessful and can claim DLA then you need to ring tax credits, and also apply for carers allowance (if you get the middle or high rate of the care component)
Hope this helps a little
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Hi, firstly, dont feel bad about applying for DLA!! altho it is true that you do feel like you are constantly repeating yourself and being very negative about your child. It is helpfull if you have someone to help fill the forms out with you as they can be pretty long and drawn out but they are manageable if you just take your time. We usually advise people to maybe keep a diary of everything they do for their child that is not what they would normally do for a child their age. Not sure if your familiar with the DLA system but there are 3 rate, low, middle and high. In order to get high rate you need to provide care day and night so for example, my son requires medication at 3am and frequent nappy changes throughout the night, he also sometimes requires a pump for fluid as he has kidney problems associated with his condition so as i get up in the night, we get higher rate.

It is more difficult when your childs care is the norm to you but you need to try and step aside from that, sometimes its helpfull for your partner to help if you are her main carer as he can probably see better than you the level of care you give Smile

And....once you have been awarded DLA - which i have no doubt you'll be successfull...there are other things that you can get such as carers allowance/extra tax credits (if you get them) Smile

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after you have gone through the long winded process of filling in the form! take the trouble to photocopy it before sending it off! you will have something to refer back to when you come to re-apply next time and if not a lot has changed it wont take as long to fill it in, someone gave me this tip and although it seemed like a long was off it soon came around again.
I never thought it would happen to me.
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I too have just filled out my first claim form for my daughter...and yes it is a long arduous task...Thankfully I had the help of my childs senco to guide me ...there are people who can help you fill in the form..Try looking up the telephone number for your local welfare rights organisation..there is usually someone there who will help you with the form and also check that you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to....and dont feel bad about your husbands earnings...the money is for your child ....hope this helps...good luck!!

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