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(03-27-2010, 11:01 AM)corinne Wrote: i guess its like all of us mummy_of_matty we have restricted movement when we are sitting in an armchair where we can do more standing up (try throwing a ball from sitting and then do it standing)poor example i know but u know what i mean Big Grin not that they wont do things at school that they make out they cant do at home cause mum will do it hmm matt?? (my son name matt as well lol)

haha its more likely to be the other way round, he'll do something in front of me, but at school he refuses to do it in front of the physio so they don't think he's able to do it! He's worked out how to get an easy life!Dodgy
I never even thought about the whole 'throwing ball' thing, how true. I feel even worse for not having one at home now! Sad
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would he want to be standing up at home a great deal? its something to add when it comes to the adaptions team as its needed but most Children want to sit watching telly or on their computer and before u realise it they have grown an extra 12 inches but u havent noticed cause they dont stand up Big Grin i had a friend who's son had a standing electric wheelchair thing and i was in the school when he chased the physio round the room with it pretending he couldnt control it lol but he didnt have it at home due to lack of space but he loved it at school as it was easier for him to move around but he had cerebral palsy i think (only seen her once in last 6yrs as he left school and we moved and now they have as well) and had limited use of his arms.
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