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I didn't really want to come in here and start with my housing woe's, but no one seems to know any real answers, and you lot all seem pretty knowledgeble!
3 years ago I was in a council house, that was assessed and deemed as impossible to adapt for Matthews needs. We were placed on the waiting list with mobility priority for a year. Eventually we were offered a house, that I was told had been assessed for adaptations.
We accepted the house, then spent a year trying to find out when it was going to be adapted. It had a seperate dining room, which we use as Matthews bedroom, but there was nothing else, there was even a step to the front door, not good for a wheelchair user.
Various people came and took measurements and discussed plans....but nothing was done. Then I got a letter saying it had been decided it was impossible to adapt and we had to move again.
At this point I got a teensy bit cross and got in touch with a local councillor, who fought for me, and eventually they decided that actually, they could adapt after all. They decided I needed a ramp to the front door, and a downstairs wet room which would have to be an extension on the back garden.
This was all done in about May last year, and I was led to believe everything would be over and done with well before Christmas.
In January, nothing had STILL been done, not even the temporary ramp, so I contacted the OT at the council again....who said 'oh I thought it had all been completed in SEPTEMBER?'
I haven't even seen any final plans yet, so said that no, nothing had been done, and since the first meetings, my sons needs had changed - he's suddenly started doing a lot more, and has been assessed as needing a lot more equipment since then, instead of just one chair and a wheelchair, we now have 2 chairs (it was 3 but one had to be sent back as there was simply no room in the house) a bath aid, an all terrain buggy, he's getting a bigger wheelchair, he has a standing frame at school what should be at home. I asked if the bathroom extension could be made bigger (longer, still one storey) to incorporate a small bedroom, meaning less hoist as the bathroom would be en suite, and I'd be able to use the dining room as storage for all this stuff!
After more meetings - that I wasn't told about, nor invited to attend, I was told it wasn't possible for 'technical' reasons.
I even asked if they'd board out the outhouse so I could store these items in there without them getting damaged by damp. No, thats not what they do.
Sooo I've decided I'm going to request permission from the council to do this myself, at my cost. I need somewhere to keep the items, they are taking over my tiny living room, and my girls have to eat their food on their knees as theres no room for a table.
Is this something they are likely to give permission for do you think?
And back to the adaptations, literally 2 weeks ago, after a LOT more phone calls, someone came to build us a temporary ramp. Its wooden, and impossible to get him on the back garden now due to its location, but I can get him into the house without breaking my back or bashing my arms on the door handle! But nothings being mentioned about his bathroom. We're due to have the 'decent homes' work done in August, and it would be great if it was all done at the same time, but with how long this has gone on, I'm not holding my breath.
The council OT has REALLY let us down I feel. In the beginning she'd ring, and make a lot of jokey comments, but I requested from the council details of her boss as I intended to make a complaint about how long it was all taking, and now the only contact is very occasional terse letters. What I don't think she remembers, is in the first meetings with her, she admitted she'd never been inside the house, then I found out she was the one who was supposed to carry out the initial assessment before we were even offered the house. Does this mean that the detailed assessment for adaptations involved her standing outside saying 'well its got a seperate dining room.....'?
Sorry, long winded post but I'm so stressed with it all, and I realise I'm lucky compared to a lot of people on here! But my back can't take carrying him upstairs for a bath much longer!
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dont know much about this sorry, but i think Daniel will have an idea ?
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Have you got a copy of the orginal assesment report at all?
Also OT'S Well ive had my belly full today myself with them.
In regards to you doing the work to the outhouse and getting permission it shouldnt be a problem at all.
You will have to send in details of your planned work and post it in.
But if its just boarding the shed i doubt you would even have to do it.
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re adaptations funny how everyone has a different story? i used to live in a private mortgaged property that was inspected and unsuitable for adaptatio!!n, so i applied to go onto the council housing list. i was placed in band 2. the council operates a bidding process properties available for rent are advertised
and you express an interest in a property. three months after going on the list i saw an adapted property listed and expressed an interest, waited a very long week! and was allocated the said property! i then put my property up for sale. the new house allready had a low level shower and chair (wall mounted) and a stairlift (adult). i have had further adaptations ramped access to the front door, the stairlift has been changed completely for a child lift and the wall mounted bath seat has been removed from the shower, i now have a roll in shower chair. all these adaptations were completed in three months!
regarding doing alterations at your own cost your council will have a list usually given in an information pack when you take up your tenancy agreement of what you can or cannot do without permission. i have done improvements myself had to fill in a form get it authorised, do the work and got it inspected afterwards. you need permission for everything here! laminate floor, sky dishes, sheds the lot!!
good luck with your adaptations mine was so straight forward.
I never thought it would happen to me.
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Funnily enough I've had Matthews annual assesment today, and got chatting about this with the deputy head. She was disgusted that the council have ignored my requests for somewhere to store the nessecery equipment, and mentioned again that he really should have a stander for home use, as it benefits him so much. Shes going to speak to the headmistress about writing a letter to them. I'm not sure what it will achieve, but its nice to know they think the same as I do!

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