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I know permission can be granted BUT you have to sign a formal undertaking over the standard of work, rectifying damage or alteration should you decide to move and I seem to remember covering any increase in buildings insurance premiums (but that may just be for housing association tenants)
Have a quick word with your housing officer and give them a week to respond once you submit a letter Smile
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Thanks i'm going to await the outcome of the adaptions first, before submitting the letter as i wouldnt want to put it up and then they say they will adapt ! It was just a thought i had and wondered if it was do-able Smile
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good thinking Smile I have seen some lovely adapted houses where the extension is better than the original building Wink Fingers crossed
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we live in a council house and we have to get permission to put a shed in our back garden lol, they dont tend to say no but you have to ask anyway, same as if we want a driveway we have to fill forms in even though there used to be a driveway and a brick garage in back garden before we moved in and they got rid of it all. we put up a fence the first week we moved in and got told off as we didnt get permission but i told hiim that we had requested a house with enclosed garden for safety so i wasnt moving matt in until it was safe so tough hehehe (he was in respite while we moved)
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(06-07-2010, 11:52 AM)fatherjack Wrote: Is there room to have a static caravan craned in?

I roared with laughter there for a minute thinking of the cranes on the street craning in a caravan Big Grin
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